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Welcome new player

We assume that you have received your login information via your alternative E-mail.

Please take a look on this page, watch the movies and take a few minutes to do some initial set-up activities

The Tribe is hosted on a Google platform; a Google Suite.

A Google Suite is an internal business platform. Once you are a player, you have all the benefits and you will not be bombarded with advertising.

All your fellow players are in that same environment. We want to bring together players from all over the world.

We advise you to use the Google Chrome browser. Regardless if you are on a Mac, a Windows computer, a Linux machine or even mobile on Android or IOS. The best experience is with Google Chrome.

Please view the video “How To Create Multiple Users in Chrome” to get you starting.

Once you’re on the platform there is a lot that you can do. First, we ask you to complete or update your profile. The Tribe has a certain similarity with LinkedIn but on the other hand there are features give you a much richer experience.

Your account name [firstname.lastname@soundtrip.world] is a Gmail account. You will also receive a GDrive, Google+, Agenda, Contacts, conference tooling like Google Hangouts that are a great tool for web conferences with 2 or more people.

Please take some time to view the movie introduction to G Suite and there is much more to be found on Youtube

There are loads of instruction videos

Additional tools

Sound Trip Tribe will also provide additional tools for players. You are creative, that’s why you got here in the first place.

Let’s Get Tribal

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