Sound Trip Tribe

your vibes are your contribution.

Sound Trip Tribe offers you an international challenging network, cool projects to work on and lots of fun. The website will be developed based on your needs. So create an account and communicate with us by using our social media system.

so, come on folks, let's get TRIBAL!!!

No you can. If you don't want to, just don't.

We are a social network and online platform for creative people such as musicians, DJs, composers, spoken word artists, dancers, actors, circus artists and acrobats, gamers, robotics and software developers, festival and theater programmers.
We do not distinguish between professionals and amateurs. Everyone can participate and join as a "player".

People use our services to find information and business opportunities, to be found for this and to get in touch with others. Our privacy policy applies to all subscribers or visitors to the services covered by this policy.

Our registered users ('players') share their artistic identity, communicate with their network, exchange knowledge and insights, place and view relevant information, discover and search artistic possibilities and opportunities.

The content of some of our services is available to non-members ("Public").

step into my dream

The biggest joy of my life is getting inspired by the talent of world top performers, the spontaneity of children and the dedication of artists, both amateurs and professionals. I wanna share over 30 years of experience with you. At the same time, I’m very interested in your ideas about doing amazing creative things together.

Let's create an international platform for creative busybodies who want to work together to make great stuff. We want to work with simple applications. Tools that are accessible or easy to master. We invite you to share these things, so others can get involved.

We want to be financially independent. By this, we mean that we should be interesting enough to convince the world that we are worthwhile.

a worldwide platform of creative busybodies

Sharing a passion for sound, interactivity & creating value.

The Sound Trip Tribe is created for and with musicians, DJ's, composers, producers, virtual reality artists, spoken word artists, conductors, gamers, robotics, technicians, software designers, festival & theater programmers, amateurs, professional & .......

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What's in it for you?

It's a community website; just like Facebook or LinkedIn. So you can:

  • Publish posts from your own page,
  • Start a group community,
  • Find other players and connect with them,
  • Join other communities,
  • Respond to the posts of other players,
  • Request a project site,
  • Use all kinds of material.

Payers benefits

What's in it for you?

Play along with Sound Trip Tribe and you’re part of an international network of people with a passion for sound and interactivity. Sound Trip Tribe is the online platform of this network.

The first goal of the platform is to create value. When we start working together as a group, the sky is the limit! We have to support each other to create amazing interactive performances. The performances will be online. Easy to share with the world, easy to “make a noise”. It’s not only music. We also have players with an IT background, festival- & theatre programmers and advertisers. The whole package to make an incredible product and to find the way to stage performance and finances. At the same time, because of the “community thinking”, we built up our own audience.

This is what we mean with “creating value”; passion, development & marketing = benefits for everyone!!

The world is our stage

The world is our crew

Sound Trip Tribe is powered by Soul Trip World which means that we are covering all supporting roles and a ready to use IT infrastructure.
The core competence is creating awesome Sound Trip performances. We have a “ready to use” IT infrastructure you can play with. Our own “social media” surrounding.

Sound Trip Tribe wants to facilitate its players. Do you have wishes about the website, let us know! Think about e-learning or an “art market” in which you can sell yourself as an artist. Use your imagination and share it with us. All together we built up Sound Trip Tribe.