The Trip

Sound Trip World Award 2019

Everyone who participates in The Trip has a chance to win the award.

1st prize € 800,==

2nd prize € 500,==

3rd prize € 200,==

deadline: 1 February 2019


Win the AWARD

Busybodies ONLY




A grand adventure.

Carlos is going to travel, looking for artists. Musicians, filmmakers and spoken word artists, together we create a crazy composition.

The purpose of The Trip is to create a document of what happens when you simply meet positive and passionate people. People with a passion for music, spoken word and film.

Can we build up a platform of creative busybodies? Worldwide artists who wanna create cool performances. Isn't this the best education you can have?


The Journey

Hong Kong: 25 November - 2 December

Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne: 2 December - 2 January

Singapore: 2 - 6 January


Are you going to join us?

A Sound Trip composition consists of building blocks: The Vibes!

You can use these Vibes as a starting point for your music, film or text.       To give the composition a descend storyboard we have three keywords:

Pronounced - Flirtatious - Multiplied

When The Vibes feel like a limitation, feel free to use the keywords as a starting point. Make yourself visible by making a video of you and your composition. Send it to us by WeTransfer, and you have a chance to win the Sound Trip World Award.


The Vibes

The building blocks for the composition are available in sheet music and audio files. Let them inspire you!

Keywords for the composition:

Pronounced, Flirtatious en Multiplied

Filmmakers, musicians and spoken word artists, give The Trip your vibes!     Let it inspire you and inspire us!

audio & sheet music

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