New Project Cello & Guitar


I have Wrote a couple of Songs for Cello & Guitar wich I’m gonna record the following Months .

I’m trying to find extra-ordinary places which can capture the beautiful sound of these two instruments playing together and finding the creative boundaries in My Songs.

On my website (  You”ll find a Promo of a concert in the old church Rotterdam Charlois . The Quality of Sound is not Great  on that promo . So therefore I made a Video on My Whaling Trip with Music from the song “Make Room for Live “ ( Azores) .

I “ ll Hope You will enjoy .

Greetings and Thanks for Your Inspiration

Jeronimus .


3 thoughts on “New Project Cello & Guitar”

  1. Cool, looks like you need a space like the Laurenskerk Rotterdam, it’s over acoustic but in a cosy way. It really feels comfortable. We played with Sound Trip our premiere in this church. EPIC

    Success with your compositions, keep us informed!!


  2. Thanks Carlo ,

    There are a couple of churches in Rotterdam ( and betond ) on my Bucket- list as the Norwegian, Arninius and the Laurens .

    But Its difficult to Get through and contact them ..

    I have made Some studio-recordings at my house but I miss the inspiring Acoustic ( (lineair)Sound of a church in which the Music really moves me and public . So I Will plan a couple of concerts in different ambiances to experiment and maybe the Laurens Church Will cross out Path . I Will certainly try.. Have Much Fun on the beautiful of Africa .

    Greetings Jeronimus

  3. wow nice music man. True about the space but i am a mixing engineer too. feel free to share the raw audio recording files perhaps this will be my first contribution to sound trip now that i understand the whole concept.

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