PLAY is the highest form of research

Meet Inspire & Celebrate

Meeting each other is a vital part of our process. What you learn, depends on who you meet. Diversity automatically creates a lot of information. A well assembled group knows everything!

Inspire en be inspired. Every person has a range of passions, everyone has capabilities. Put this together and the impossible suddenly becomes possible. When to pick up the role of a 'leader' and when to pick up a role of a 'follower'? Leadership emerges from the situation

Celebrate. And then, all of a sudden the end is there. Time to party! Every actor has put his role in the production and the production is owned by all actors. With a certain respect for tradition, we have created something new. Amazing quality

Participants about Sound Trip

All I want to 'be' is here!

I've been there, I can't explain what happened but it was great!

An experience with the audience in the center of what happened.

A thrill, a vibration, an experience. A benchmark for new music... That's what it is; Carlos Sound Trip

Horn Please

Sound Trip Founder Carlo Balemans about Sound Trip

Uganda 2004, Brassbands

Brassband school Rotterdam


Since 1984 I'm working as a professional conductor, composer, teacher and creative artist. My biggest inspiration? All the people I worked with. Professionals, amateurs, children, top class performers. Everyone on his own way but all with their own value. Interaction, that's what I really love during my concerts and events. Interaction with musicians, the audience and everyone with an passion for Sound and people.

This is what I want to facilitate with Sound Trip Tribe.

I truly believe that we can make a future with value!!

Let's meet,




conductor composer

Carlo has worked with: the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Carroll College Wind Ensemble (USA), NTR (dutch broadcast company), Band of the Royal Marines, Ensembles Codarts Rotterdam and various amateur orchestras. He's a price winner; conductors contest (Rotterdam), composition contest in Corciano (Italy) and 2 times winner of the Dutch National Championships (basic- and top division) with 2 of his amateur wind bands.


Since 2004, Carlo Balemans works as professor Wind Band Conducting at Codarts  Rotterdam, University for the Professional Arts.

creative artist

Top class world famous performers make use of his creative talent: Eric Vloeimans, Andre Heuvelman, Carlo de Wijs, dance company "Conny Janssen Danst", theatre company "de Wetten van Kepler", the Rotterdams Philharmonic Orchestra, the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra and various festivals in- and outside the Netherlands.

He also worked on community projects in Uganda, Bonaire en Bosnië.