Meet Inspire Celebrate


Meeting each other is a vital part of our process. What you learn, depends on who you meet. Diversity automatically creates a lot of information.

A well-assembled group knows everything!


Every person has a range of passions, everyone has capabilities. Put this together and the impossible suddenly becomes possible. When to pick up the role of a ‘leader’ and when to pick up a role of a ‘follower’?

Leadership emerges from the situation


And then, all of a sudden the end is there. Time to party!
Every actor has put his role in the production and the production is owned by all actors. With certain respect for tradition, we have created something new.

Amazing quality

About Carlos

Since 1984 I’m working as a professional conductor, composer, teacher, and creative artist. My biggest inspiration? All the people I worked with. Professionals, amateurs, children, top class performers, everyone in their own way and all with their own value. Interaction:  that’s what I really love during my concerts and events. Interaction with musicians, the audience and everyone with a passion for sound and people. This is what I want to facilitate with Sound Trip World.  I truly believe that we can make a future with value!

Let’s meet,


As a conductor composer

I worked with: the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Carroll College Wind Ensemble (USA), NTR (Dutch broadcast company), Band of the Royal Marines, Ensembles Codarts Rotterdam and various amateur orchestras.

In the nineties I was a prize winner at a conductor competition in Rotterdam, a composition competition in Corciano (Italy) and two-time winner of the Dutch National Championships (basic- and top division) with two of my amateur wind bands.

A thrill, a vibration, an experience. A benchmark for new music… That’s what it is; Carlos Sound Trip

An experience with the audience in the center of what happened.

As a teacher

Since 2004, I work as professor Wind Band Conducting at Codarts Rotterdam, University for the Professional Arts. I also trained the teachers of Brassbandschool Rotterdam, young Antillean musicians without formal musical training, who became colleagues of graduated teachers at the SKVR Rotterdam.

As a creative artist

Top class world famous performers make use of my creative talent: Eric Vloeimans, Andre Heuvelman, Carlo de Wijs, dance company “Conny Janssen Danst”, theatre company “de Wetten van Kepler”, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra and various festivals in- and outside the Netherlands.

Community projects are really important for me. Uganda, Bonaire en Bosnië, great people, great projects, great results.

As a Traveller

Exploring the world in a Sound Trip. Study how people study and learn and how it often doesn’t match.

My Testimonium

What if you are extremely talented and have a character that fits your talent, but don’t understand why you should be in a classroom to sit out a lesson that doesn’t fit your wishes or experience? Just because it’s on the schedule? You have probably heard all your life that you are a difficult person who is not teachable, that you have no respect for authority, no discipline and that you will never be able to develop a career?

You have never heard that you are too much of an individual to function in a system built to accommodate as many people as possible, not designed for talent and individuality but for the mediocrity and uniformity. You must be exceptional to not believe that you are strange, not productive creature.

In my 15 year career as principal conducting teacher at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, every day I see struggling young people who try their best to walk a route that is not made for them. For many students the current system works fine, but when it doesn’t, things get difficult. Very difficult, in fact!

Thankfully there are also enough young people who completely develop in their own way, outside of the system, trusting their own compass. A difficult journey. All regulations that have been made are not accessible to them. But they can’t take away one thing: their drive to do what they want to do. With their energy and individuality.

“If I give in to the system, I have given up.”

This quote comes from Orihana Calcines. She has above average talents in many disciplines, someone who is excellently equipped to develop into a superb musical leader, but not within the confines of regular education. This remark has a lot of drive. Exactly what I am looking for and exactly what I often miss with my regular students. The combination of talent and power is something I have a weak spot for. At the same time, I cannot accept that very extraordinary people are carted off as “difficult and unmanageable”.

Sadly one of my students, Mikel van Dijk, a talented young man and a good person, committed suicide. I got to walk alongside him in his dream of becoming a conductor for four years, but he had a lot of difficulty finding his way. Music education in particular can be life changing when focused on the personal needs of a student. Especially when someone is exceptionally talented.

Of course the cause does not only lie with the school system, but we can offer a space where you can fully develop your talent, a place where you will be seen for who you are and  for what you want to realize. It is my duty to facilitate that as best I can. What I bring to the table? 35 years of experience as a musical leader. Besides that, I am willing to be reset by another generation, to look for the way they can use my experiences and to learn from their insights.

Students develop at their own tempo and in a way that suits them. This will make them powerful, wilful musical leaders.

That is what Sound Trip Academy stands for.