It’s show but it’s also a business

Carlo Balemans Carlo Balemans. Next to being the creative heart of Sound Trip World. Carlo has the following roles.
- General management
- Marketing and sales
- Service and products
- Human Resources
- Finance
- Legal
- Infrastructure

Wim Mulders is acting in the role of operations lead of Sound Trip World.
- (of stage) Operations
- Information management
- IT
- Research and development

Vacant role, were looking for a pioneer spirit to bring growth.

Vacant. In an environment of conceptual and artistic people we need someone with a sound mind in financial and legal matters. Someone to be "in control". There is nothing wrong with playing an instrument as a hobby but your role in this business is far from artistic.

This role can be split over two persons.

Wim Mulders

Wim Mulders

Lead of operations, information and IT

Tribal roles


A group of people from across the world with a common goal to make awesome performances by sharing: knowledge, tools, practices, music, sound and other ideas.


Member of the Tribe. It's not like a membership of a foundation (Sound Trip Tribe is no foundation) but it's like you have a subscription to a free service. You are registered, you receive messages and you can interact (collaborate) with the community.


A collection of players engaging in one or a series of Sound Trips. The troupe exists for the duration of the event(s) from the moment of the first initiative, the sound trip preparation, execution and evaluation. The Cast will be dismantled after the project.

Sound Trip Chief

The person that conducts the actual performance


No boundaries, just a place to meet kindred minds on topics of your choice. Every player can start or join a group or a number of groups and engage in the discussions.


Every person this visits the site or even a Sound Trip. No obligations and no registered account. Just welcome to meet, be inspired and celebrate with us.

It's Show and it's business!

A statement by James Brown, Godfather of Soul, Founder of Funk and "The Hardest Working Man In Show-business".

We don't want to run Sound Trip World and Sound Trip Tribe in the same "dictator" style as James Brown did. But: "providing an environment of awesomeness", also needs a sound business approach.

There is a world of stage that is there to provide in an on stage setting with no limitations. The creative process demands it. Once you are acting as a player, regardless of your role in the Sound Trip", you need to be sure that everything runs smoothly.

In this page we present you the central business approach of Sound Trip World.