• SOUNDGROUND; apps, controlers &invention kits
    • How to use modern technology in your musical life?
    • For music teachers, conductors and performers
  • SOUND TRIP; blending improvisations & classical scores
    • You know exactly what to play, but never when… work like a DJ with (large) groups….. modular composing is the bridge to the unexpected!
    • For orchestra’s, bands, mixed groups of musicians. Mixed levels, ages & backgrounds
XXL Beyond the stars
Modular composing


  • Sound Trip Special
    • Interactive Modular Composing act. High energetic performance. We refuse to call it regular, challenge us!
    • Events, concerts, festivals, seminars
  • Sound Trip XXL
    • A musical experience for musicians and your audience. We offer you the full concept including organisation plan, technical plan & high quality sound/light engineers. The XXL version is the flagship of Sound Trip, the ultimate one.
    • Business-events, Festivals.


  • Leadership
    • Work from a conductor view point in a creative setting
    • For companies and organizations
  • Apps, controllers & invention kits
    • Don’t be afraid, enrich yourself with 21st century gear.
    • For music teachers, music schools, music associations


  • Are you ready for something new? Sound Trip Tribe can help you. Lot’s of creative people are united in Sound Trip Tribe. An infinite amount of knowledge is available to make your project unforgettable.
  • For orchestra’s, business events, organizations.


  • Sound Trip Trainer (STT)
    • Develop your creative skills. Get familiar with the interactive gear, apps, controllers, invention kits. Become a inspirator for others. Become a STT.
    • For musicians, music teachers, conductors, composers, producers, dj’s
  • Sound Trip Performer (STP)
    • Be the leader of your own Sound Trip Performance. How do you design a performance like that. You can organise your event under the Sound Trip flag. As a licensed STP, our organisation will support you.
    • For musicians, music teachers, conductors, composers, producers, dj’s