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Join our contest to win a collaboration with Codarts and the Royal Conservatoire, and €500!


Sound Trip World’s goal is to unite musicians and artists from all over the world. This year, the Sound Trip World Awards are all about bridging the gap between electronic and classical music, a collaboration between producers and orchestras. Everybody is welcome, from the beginning Ableton user to an experienced hip-hop artist. It’s not about your education, but about what you can do!


You’ll create an electronic composition that’s 7 minutes long. This will be the connection between two existing classical works. In short: we start with a classical piece, your work follows, and the end is another classical piece. We’re talking about electronic music in its broadest sense: what you make is up to you! You’ll receive the recordings of these classical pieces, along with the sheet music and a video. You can use these guidelines if you need some inspiration, but you’re completely free in what you want to make!

You can register on this website. After you do, you’ll receive all the information you need to get to work. The deadline for submitting your composition is January 19th, 2020. Out of all the registrations, ten nominees will come forward, they will be announced on our socials. On the 31st of January, the award show will take place in historical Theater ‘t Kapelletje in Rotterdam. All of the contestants are more than welcome! The work of the ten nominees will be showcased, after this, there will be time to have a drink with your potential future colleagues!


You’ll go home with the one and only Sound Trip World Award! Not only that, you’ll receive a LiveLoop license that’s worth €200! Lastly, you can win prize money that you can invest in new gear, a ticket to your favorite artist, or into your own talent, of course.

1ST PLACE €500 | 2ND PLACE €300 | 3RD PLACE €100

The three winners will perform with a symphonic wind orchestra specially formed for this unique concert, which will be held in the theatre of the Royal Conservatoire. This grand collaboration between you and two of the best conservatories in the country is on March 20th, 2020. Before the event, you have a work session with jury member Carlo Balemans, who will make sure your composition comes into its own.

The Judges

Josep Garcés is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, engineer, and technologist. After receiving his Master in Live Electronics at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he developed LiveLoop, the most advanced software for live looping.

Carlo Balemans is a conductor and composer who teaches at Codarts and the Royal Conservatory. He is always looking for creative talent from all over the world, his main goal being connecting and unifying artists and musicians.

Neels Smeekens, a.k.a. DJ Optimus, is always scratching and turning records, while also producing and giving production workshops all around the country. Optimus has collaborated with big names and combines very diverse music styles into his albums.




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