Can we face the world together

Sound Trip Academy shapes young talented dropouts into highly skilled and characteristic musical leaders.

Besides their own talent, discipline and perseverance, professional athletes have the luxury of having a mentoring team, think of a physiotherapist and mental coach. Everything has been covered in order to facilitate a top performance. On average, a career lasts 10 to 15 years. My career as a musical leader has been lasting for 35 years already. Do I practice top sport? Absolutely!

Every day I am filled with dedication, in my career, I am always looking for interesting people whom I can learn by working together. As a matter of fact, those people are my mentoring team.

Young people at the start of their careers are pointed towards the regular education programmes available. Their mentoring team consists of teachers, the system has decided in what order information is delivered to you. Thankfully, our system works for many adolescents. But if you do not pertain to this group, things can get challenging… There is no other option. S.T.A.’s mission is being the ultimate alternative for everyone who cannot find their way in the regular schooling system.

In “My Trip”, your individual plan, we talk about what your trip will look like: what is your goal, what do you need to achieve it and what does your ideal mentoring team look like? A series of short-term goals which in long-term will make you realize your dreams.

If you wish to obtain an official diploma, then this is possible through S.T.A., but a diploma is not our goal. We believe it is very much possible to find your way without a diploma. But if this is your wish, then we can facilitate this in our own way.

Working together with skilled staff

S.T.A. works together with a large partner community of highly skilled freelance professionals.

Carlo Balemans

Mentor of S.T.A.

Carlo’s Testimonium

Frank Hekman

With some pride, we introduce Frank Heckman. He worked with the Dutch Olympic Team as a performance-and mental coach. Frank committed himself to S.T.A. to train your leadership skills and to create the conditions to get the best out of yourself.

Leonard Evers

Composition and Musical Leadership

Leonard Evers (Heerlen, 1985) graduated with honours in composition and arranging at Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam. Additionally, he studied Comparative Literature at Leiden University. The music of Leonard represents elements of jazz, world music and contemporary music. His literary background makes that he is specifically passionate about writing for theatre.

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