Our mission is all about establishing and strengthening connections all around the globe: meeting passionate, talented and creative people, matching inspiring teachers to driven students, and communicating via the beautiful universal language called music!

We at Sound Trip World think in possibilities: what is your idea, how can you build your team, and how can we support you? Creating opportunities and challenging yourself and others. If we all keep an open mind, we can accomplish your goal together!

Our performances are interactive, energetic and completely out of the ordinary. We facilitate new events and projects, and you can train as a creative performer or leader. Are you up for the challenge?




Sound Trip World’s founder and artistic leader Carlo has been active for over thirty years. After his music studies at Codarts Rotterdam, he worked for the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Carroll College Wind Symphony (Wisconsin USA), Codarts Wind Ensemble, Conny Janssen Danst, amongst others. He has taught music direction at Codarts Rotterdam and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, and has applied his experience to start up three music schools in Rotterdam, Uganda, and Bonaire.

In 2014, Carlo founded Sound Trip World, wanting to create music with people who can inspire him to push his boundaries— and their own. He staged his first ‘Sound Trip XXL’, an enormous improvised concert that was a huge success. He then went on to work with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, het Gelders Orkest, Conny Janssen Danst and the Kampala Symphony Orchestra, playing at festivals in The Netherlands, Uganda and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2019, Carlo won the KNMO Innovation Prize with his orchestra.

Above all, Carlo is an adventurer. “During my travels I meet people with fantastic ideas.Traveling around, talking to people, finding and overcoming physical and mental challenges: these things have made me a richer person. I want to work with people who are positive and work on what they want to do. In the end I have learned the most from people who have the ability to follow their own path. My dream is to overcome obstacles with these people. And that is what Sound Trip World stands for.”