“Meet positive and passionate people and develop to the next level”.

With this mindset, we face the world. What happens to you by meeting talented people? When you don’t worry about success, only about inspiring and being inspired. Finally, at the end of your journey, a performance to celebrate all you’ve learned on the way.

Repeat this unique process, with new goals, new challenges, and new people. Isn’t this the most valuable way of developing yourself to the next level? In any case, it’s the most pleasant and social one!

Sound Trip World
Sound Trip World

De laatste Blog vanuit Singapore!

Sound Trip World
Sound Trip World

Ten hours earlier than usual, I’m saying goodbye to 2018, in Melbourne!
How I would describe 2018? I’d do it in one word: intense.

Intense sadness and intense joy, intense goodbyes, and intense new encounters. Intense new insights that have brought...

Sound Trip World
Sound Trip World

Tasmanië loopt ook weer op zijn eind. Een weekje vakantie gehouden op dit prachtige eiland.

The first three blogs are available in English. The other ones will follow soon! Look at www.soundtrip.world
chapter "Current Trip".

Carlos was on a Trip to meet a lot of creative busybodies from all around the world. Creating the ultimate!
Music, Film & Spoken Word  in one trip: THE TRIP
Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New York, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and of course YOU, anywhere in the world!