Sound Trip World
Sound Trip World

A little over a year ago I met and worked with an interesting group of musicians who are open to working with every musician they find in town. THE SOUND TRIP WORLD. We made good music together and we played together at the DOA DOA...

Sound Trip World
Sound Trip World

Last Saturday we finished the Interactive Sound Symphony and the first edition of the Sound Trip World Award in Zwolle.
Live goes on! In 10 days "The Trip" continues in Kampala, Uganda.
In a few days we have the release of the...

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Lets Get Tribal

“Meet positive and passionate people and develop to the next level”.

With this mindset, we face the world. What happens to you by meeting talented people? When you don’t worry about success, only about inspiring and being inspired. Finally, at the end of your journey, a performance to celebrate all you’ve learned on the way.

Repeat this unique process, with new goals, new challenges, and new people. Isn’t this the most valuable way of developing yourself to the next level? In any case, it’s the most pleasant and social one!

Interactive Sound Symphony
Carlos was on a Trip to meet a lot of creative busybodies from all around the world. Creating the ultimate!
Music, Film & Spoken Word  in one trip: THE TRIP
Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New York, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and of course YOU, anywhere in the world!

Winners of the Sound Trip World Awards 2019

Less is More Band – Zwolle
Octavio Doelwijt – Rotterdam
Davies Ntambazi – Kampala Uganda

Award Ceremony will be held during the Interactive Sound Symphony.
April 13th, 8 pm, theater “de Spiegel” Zwolle.

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